Greensboro Chapter History
William McBryar image

Buffalo Soldier
William McBryar
Historical Resident
of Greensboro NC

Sign Commemorating  William McBryar

William McBryar, was born in Elizabethtown, N.C. He enlisted in the army in New York in 1887. A good soldier and skilled cavalryman, McBryar was promoted to sergeant and
first sergeant.

He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor (which was the highest Medal of Honor) in 1890 for “coolness, bravery, and good marksmanship. McBryar had 14 years of service with the Army when he moved here to Greensboro, N.C. in 1906, with his wife Sallie W. McBryar.

He died in 1941 and was buried at Arlington. To honor his memory, a historic marker was built at the intersection of Market and Dudley Streets in Greensboro, N.C. in 2010.

History of the Greensboro Chapter

The North Carolina Greensboro Chapter was established 2006 for the purpose of fostering unity and bringing together cyclists in our community area for cycling related activities such as mini excursions, club rallies and other forms of motorcycling fellowship. We are a Motorcycle Club comprised primarily of Military (Active, Retired, Reserve), and Law Enforcement/Corrections (Active & Retired) professionals, dedicated to the sport of Motorcycling and to the education of all people as it pertains to the African American in this country’s history.

We ride under the name of the “Buffalo Soldiers” to express our pride in and our respect for the many accomplishments they made during the decades following the Civil War. We hope to instill some of that pride in the minds and hearts of today’s youth and our community. We believe in our community and we believe that our representation of heroes from the past, like the Buffalo Soldiers will serve to strengthen the values of our community in the future. As a club, we also identify and assist various charitable organizations in helping others.

The members of the club share a passion for riding motorcycles together throughout the United States. We are a group of professionals who strive to promote safe motorcycle touring and other motorcycle related activities. All of our members are expected to educate themselves and their communities in the history of the Buffalo Soldiers and set a positive image for our youth, as well as provide various services to our local communities.

Our objective is to always continue to educate our community on the legacy of the “Buffalo Soldiers” and their sacrifices and accomplishments while giving back to our community and demonstrate a positive image at home and abroad.