To Become a Greensboro Buffalo Soldier you must be willing to:

Display a willingness to communicate the history of the Buffalo Soldiers

throughout the community. Be a positive participant of club activities;

demonstrate safe motorcycling during club rides and  towards all motorcycle enthusiasts

To Join:

      1. You must be presented to the club at a meeting by a sponsor
      2. Must have motorcycle endorsement
      3. Must fill out an application for membership
      4. Must be accepted by the majority of members present at meeting to be considered as a
        probationary member
      5. Once accepted as a probationary member you must then fulfill the following.
    1. Remain a probationary member for 4 to 6 months during which time may be extended
    2. Ride 1000 miles with at least 1 other club member under colors
    3. Of those 1000 miles 250 must be a single ride with 4 other members under colors
    4. Help plan/run a chapter/club event under the direction of the planning ommittee

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June Bug receiving membership

T-Bone receiving jacket