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to the 2015

Greensboro Buffalo

Scholarship Recipients 

Jordan Moore 2016 Scholarship Recipient
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Meet Miss Jordan Moore, one of the 2015

Scholarship recipients who attended our

Ninth Annual Scholarship and Recognition

Banquet in December.


The following students received $500.00 each by

submitting a winning essay on how the legacy

of the Buffalo Soldiers impacted their lives:

Kenneth Brown, Hannah T. Wade, Elijah Harris


The Greensboro Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers will provide 4

scholarship awards to deserving students in the amount of $500.00 each. 

Recipients of the award will receive their funds in August after the committee

has received proof of attendance to their college of choice.

The criteria for the awards are as follows:

Prepare a letter of introduction which includes your accomplishments and family background.

Write a 500 word essay in your own words on one of the following topics:

  1. In what way does the Buffalo Soldiers’ legacy inspire me?

  2. The stories of the Buffalo Soldier exemplify many positive character traits. Please provide examples

    from the lives of the Buffalo Soldiers (living or deceased) and write about 4 of those traits and

  3. how they can be used to help mold or develop your life.

  4. Why is it necessary that we pass on the legacy of the Buffalo Soldier to future generations?

  5. The Congressional Medal of Honor is presented to the recipient by the President of the United States

  6. in the name of Congress. This is the highest award for valor presented to the military soldiers. These

  7. soldiers were recognized for having performed the highest degrees of bravery and self-sacrifice on

  8. the battlefield. Please select one of the Buffalo Soldiers that received the Medal of Honor and write

  9. about what can be learned from his life, efforts and commitment to duty.


The Buffalo Soldiers of Greensboro welcomes graduating

High School Seniors to participate in the scholarship.

The deadline for submitting the essay will be indicated

on the scholarship application.

For additional information or to request an application,

please access the Scholarship page on our website at and/or send an email to